There will be a cheerleading pre-tryout clinic April 11th from 9am-12am at Fossil Ridge High School in the large gym. At this clinic, we will be breaking down everything from how to do motions correctly, to what we look for in tryout candidates, to material for tryouts. This is the ONLY time we will teach motion technique, jump technique, and material. During the tryout week April 14th-18th, we will evaluate the skills that you have, but they will not be taught.

We highly recommend anyone who has not participated in high school cheerleading to attend this pre-tryout clinic because high school cheerleading is very different than all-star cheerleading, dance, or anything else that may have prepared your skills for tryouts. We put a HUGE emphasis on motion technique, jump technique, showmanship and ability to lead a crowd at tryouts and we want to make sure that if you have most of the skills, you are also prepared with the game day, crowd leading skills. The way that we do motions, jumps, tumbling etc. can vary a TON from what you have learned up until this point and this clinic will ensure you hear from the coaches directly what we are looking for.

If you plan to tryout but cannot attend this pre-tryout clinic, know that we will email material to all athletes who are trying out ahead of time, but this pre-tryout clinic would be really beneficial for anyone who has not been coached at Fossil Ridge in the past.

Fill out the form below to register. A waiver will be emailed to you the week before the clinic. The pre-tryout clinic is FREE. Tryout registration is due on April 10th and to attend on the 11th we must have your paperwork for tryouts in by the 10th. More to come on that later.


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